"American democracy is at risk because civic education has been downplayed amid a decade’s-long push for more testing and accountability in reading, math, and science."

National Association of State Boards of Education

The Ethic Center Presents: Hate Crimes, Impact on Minority Communities

Hate Crimes, impact on minority communities

Program of Events Constitution Day, tomorrow Saturday, September 15th

We the People. . . .

Constitution Day Event

The Constitution Day event, on 9/16 at Fresno State, engaged over 200 people in civil dialogue about the First Amendment and American values.  See this Education Matters segment.


Civic Service Summit

In the park-like setting of Scout Island Outdoor Education Center, 6 teams of 10 students struggled with leadership challenges that seemed impossible.  They had to work together, communicate clearly, resolve conflicts and implement potential solutions, learning from their mistakes.  These experiences give student leaders confidence to address real problems in their community.


Fresno City Youth Commission

Sixteen youth leaders in high school and college were sworn in asmembers of the City of Fresno’s Youth Commission. The Youth Commissioners were selected and appointed for a two-year term by Mayor Ashley Swearengin and each of the seven Fresno City Council members.  They are facilitated by the Youth Leadership Institute and will identify issues that face youth in Fresno.  They will represent youth in their districts and propose policy resolutions for the City Council.

Volunteer Opportunities

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Leadership Opportunities

Coming soon, ways to learn and practice leadership skills.