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Our goal is career ready citizens.  Schools need collaboration with community organizations, businesses and government agents, as well as parents, to support activities and projects in schools, which provide opportunities for students to become career ready citizens.”

The Ethic Center Presents: Hate Crimes, Impact on Minority Communities

Hate Crimes, impact on minority communities

Program of Events Constitution Day, tomorrow Saturday, September 15th

We the People. . . .

Operation Protect & Defend

Operation Protect & Defend is a program by lawyers and judges committed to civic education in public schools.  The program provides 11th and 12th grade teachers with a curriculum unit on a controversial issue with summaries of relevant Supreme Court cases.  Then a judge and attorneys visit the class to discuss the issue from a Constitutional perspective.  We hope to identify participating teachers for next school year.

Contact John Minkler for more information about staff training for this program;

Civic Service Summit

In the park-like setting of Scout Island Outdoor Education Center, 6 teams of 10 students struggled with leadership challenges that seemed impossible.  They had to work together, communicate clearly, resolve conflicts and implement potential solutions, learning from their mistakes.  These experiences give student leaders confidence to address real problems in their community.


Fresno Community ScoreCard

The Fresno Scorecard is a free online community resource offering centralized access to impartial, transparent, verifiable and measurable data about Fresno County organized in eleven significant categories.

Dedicated to building a healthy, prosperous and sustainable community — together. The Fresno Business Council originally conceived the Scorecard in 2012. Its purpose is to:

  • Inform the community,
  • Provide objective measurements against which performance improvement efforts can be measured,
  • Encourage fact-based decision making and a measurement culture,
  • And be an impartial resource for the community.
Fresno Community Scorecard

University High Civic Education to Work

University High puts civic education to work.  Read this article from the Fresno BEE about the community service and civic engagement projects at University High School.

Download Here

Community Values of the Fresno Region

These Guiding Principles for Community Transformation were developed by the Fresno Business Council. The goal is to build bridges of trust across what, at times, has been wide and hostile divides. While our community has many challenges, may be of equal importance to solving them, is how we solve them. The Community Values place an importance on the process and by doing that, creates the environment where process leads to successful outcomes.

Community Vales of the Fresno Region

District Resolutions

The Civic Learning Partnership invited each District in Fresno County to pass a resolution to support the revitalization of civic education in K-12 schools, including:

  1. Ensuring that adequate time and resources are dedicated to Civic Education.
  2. Reviewing current curriculum on Civic Education and determining whether it can be integrated with other subjects.
  3. Continuing efforts to build partnerships with the greater community to enhance civic education.

We congratulate the following districts for their approval of a civic education resolution: Firebaugh, Fowler, Fresno, Central and Kerman. See the Fresno USD civic education resolution below. We encourage educators and community leaders in other districts to promote passage of a similar resolution.

Fresno USD Resolution