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"We pay a price when we deprive children of the exposure to the values, principles, and education they need to make them good citizens."
Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

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Our Purpose

One of our greatest responsibilities is to prepare the next generation to meet the challenges they will face in the 21st Century, with a deep commitment to the rights and responsibilities of U.S. citizenship. We have a unique opportunity for a community dialogue about the civic values, knowledge, and skills that K-12 students should learn and practice in our public school system. We will create strong community support for our schools to provide effective civic education for students to be successful in college, career and citizenship.

Board Members

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Our Team

Christian A. Wandeler, Ph.D.



Christian A. Wandeler, Ph.D., is an associate professor in research methods and statistics at California State University, Fresno. He earned a Ph.D. in Positive Psychology from the University of Zurich, Switzerland.He came to the USA as a visiting scholar at Stanford University.

At Fresno State he is researching the development of hope, flourishing and success of underserved students, the well-being of Boys and Men of Color in Fresno, and the development of critical and engaged citizens through action civics projects. He is particularly 

interested in how students can develop leadership and self-management skills for the workplace and citizenship of the future.




Dr. Steven Hart is Professor in the Literacy, Early, Bilingual and Special Education Department at Fresno State.  Dr. Hart is coordinator of the Urban Civic Education Minor program, and he teaches courses on literacy foundations, literacy assessment, and service-learning pedagogy. Dr. Hart has extensive experience working with diverse student populations as a teacher in urban elementary schools in Norfolk, Virginia and South San Francisco, California. Dr. Hart’s research stemming from these experiences has been published in international teacher education journals and book chapters, and presented at national and international conferences.


Fresno Civic Learning Partnership Steering Committee