New Documentary on the Democracy School Program

New documentary on the Democracy School Program.  Thanks to our sponsors and the Video team at Sunnyside HS for this video of highlights from the 2016-17 Democracy School Program at Sutter and Baird Middle Schools and Kepler Neighborhood School.
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Constitution Day Event

The Constitution Day event, on 9/16 at Fresno State, engaged over 200 people in civil dialogue about the First Amendment and American values.  See this Education Matters segment.

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Photos of Democracy School Program

See the 14 classes of middle school students who studied American ideals and organized Civic Service Projects to practice the skills of responsible citizenship.

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See 3rd Grade Students with their Civic Service Project

Students at John Wash Elementary School (Sanger Unified School District) chose a project to improve their community. They followed the principles of the Democracy School Program.

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See 8th grade Fowler students serving veterans with PTSD.

Students at John Sutter Middle School developed a civic service project to improve care for veterans who have PTSD.


Democracy Education Summit

The Summit has been rescheduled.  Teacher training  for the Democracy School Program will be done at school sites in September.  The dialogue on civic education will be rescheduled for the Constitution Day event on the morning of 9/16 in the North Gym at Fresno State.  For information, contact Kim Cole (

Operation Protect & Defend

Operation Protect & Defend is a program by lawyers and judges committed to civic education in public schools.  The program provides 11th and 12th grade teachers with a curriculum unit on a controversial issue with summaries of relevant Supreme Court cases.  Then a judge and attorneys visit the class to discuss the issue from a Constitutional perspective.  We hope to identify participating teachers for next school year.

Contact John Minkler for more information about staff training for this program;

CA Democracy School Online Videos for Teachers

Teachers who want the knowledge, skills and resources to implement high quality civic inquiry and service-learning projects will appreciate this free video series from LA County Office of Education.  The host, Dr. Michelle Herczog, offers valuable insights, information and resources to institutionalize civic learning to prepare all students for civic life.

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Constitution Day

Constitution Day; September 16, 2017
Fresno State: North Gym 118: 9am – Noon. Free
Students from local High Schools, Community Colleges, and Fresno State are invited to join concerned citizens in a Dialogue about our Democracy on Constitution Day.  Panelists and table discussions will focus on these questions:
1. What are our First Amendment Rights and how are they practiced in the real world, including Free Speech on College and High School Campuses?
2. What does it mean to be an American in 2017 in an era of political division,
factionalism, and incivility? What values and ideals can we agree on?
3. What can citizens—especially young people—do to sustain and support our
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University High Civic Education to Work

Civic Education with 3rd graders at John Wash Elementary School.  Thanks to Principal Amy Jones and staff for this wonderful example of civic service.

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See the Education Matters segment on the Civic Service Summit at Scout Island with 60 middle school leaders from Sutter MS, Baird MS and Kepler Neighborhood School.  Thanks to the Fresno County office of Education and KSEE 24.